Home inspection training los angeles

Home Inspection Ride-Along Training Los Angeles

The Inspection Coach Home Inspection Ride-along Training Program is designed to get you familiar with how an inspection is to be performed from the moment you take the order, all the way through the inspection process, into report generation, the delivery of your report and finally, follow up. With each ride-along, we will discuss topics that range from how to properly take an order and demonstrate the differences between inspecting as an individual new to the industry to inspecting as a genuine, seasoned professional. During the inspection process, you will identify defects and categorize them according to relevancy and importance, while applying and relying on your construction knowledge. Our home inspection ride along training packages range from a single ride along to 12 month coaching engagements.

Understand this… one bad inspection will black list you from realtors foreverCoach

Newbies Need Not Apply

Thats right, real estate agents can spot a new home inspector a mile away. If you’re building your business and reputation around your knowledge, then you must not appear as if you just started. If you plan on marketing to real estate agents, many of these individuals have been in the business for years and know inspection protocol. They themselves know where you start and where you finish. they know the manner in which the buyer should be address regarding issues associated with their prospective house. They know what issues are signifiant and which are not. Do you? Will you?

Understand this… one bad inspection will black list you from realtors who may never give you another opportunity to conduct their inspections. Not to mention having to avoid conversations with other agents in their offices and abroad. Call the inspection coach today for real genuine home inspection ride along training in Los Angeles.