Swimming Pool Inspection Training

Swimming Pool Inspections

Swimming pools are comprised of hundreds of components which themselves are constructed in accordance to hundreds if not thousands of code and regulations. If you are a home inspector or an aspiring Home inspector and would like to know hows pools operate and how to properly inspect them in order to protect your clients, you are at the right place. Marc Mazza of Mazza Inspections in Santa Clarita and owner of mazzapoolinspections.com, is a service and repair licensed California and Arizona contractor and has performed thousands of swimming pool inspection and has built swimming pools in both California as well as Arizona.

Swimming Pool Equipment

swimming pool inspectionThe pools circulation system is comprised of many components such as pumps, filters, heaters, cleaners, pipes, valves etc… Understanding where the water goes in and comes out and what happens in between and how each individual component plays a vital role in the efficiency of the pool cirruclation system is the primary job of the home inspector. As a home inspector you must possess the ability to understand the importance of Equipotential bonding within the swimming pool system as well as other electrical related code requirements because your future clients safety depends on it.