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Inspection Report Writing Los Angeles

The home Inspection report is one of the most crucial components of any home inspection. After you have completed your home inspection, you must then transfer all the data and pictures collected on site into your computer to generate a report document. There are many different styles of reports on the market such as check box reports, narrative style reports, triplicates and a combination of the lot. There are also multiple different types of report writing software on the market. These types of programs can be installed on a variety of devices and computers. Our company, however, uses a narrative style report software system which is generated from a PC because we have found this to be the most comprehensive. The Inspection Coach can demonstrate the use of this software in real time, generally on a property that has been previously inspected while with our students.

How will you write your home inspection report?

How you write your report will tell a lot about you as a professional. The words you choose, the manner in which you use them and the style of your report are crucial in the complete professional home inspector. All home inspectors have created their own style of report writing which the realtors are used to to one degree or another. Most realtors will not re-use an inspector simply based on a hard to read and assimilate home inspection report. It must be clear, have correct information and be concise in your interpretations of the issues and it must also show direction.

A good home inspection report will show the realtors and the home buyer the issues, your opinion regarding how or why they are issues, and where to go to have the issues improved or repaired. If your report lacks any one of these components or if you are unsure about how to write these components correctly, the agents will likely never use your services again.