Client Interaction

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Client Interaction with Home Inspection Training

As home inspectors, the client is usually both the realtor as well as the home buyers. As home inspectors, your business will derive from many places such as the Internet, word of mouth, repeat customers, and real estate agents. Of these sources, realtors are the most likely to refer your company repeatedly and they do this from a list of vendors which they will hand out to their client who is incidentally also your prospective client.  The Inspection Coach ride along home inspection training will demonstrate in real time, the process in which you will conduct yourself before, during and after the inspection process. We will help you to look like, act like, and perform your inspection like a true seasoned professional.

home inspection training ride along training mazza inspection groupDon’t get caught looking like a clown

You never ever want to be though of an an idiot so why would you ever place yourself in a position where that is exactly what people will think of you? The manner in which you conduct yourself during the end of inspection summary as well as one-on-one conversations with your clients will speak volumes about your experience in this industry and will tell the clients without ever saying a word, how long you have been inspecting, what you know and worst, what you do not know. You need training if you have never been in this position before. trust me, there is a good chance your clients has though.