Home Inspection Training In Los Angeles

For those of you looking to enter the world of Home inspection you may wish to arm yourselves with knowledge. As opposed to just simply going out there and “doing it”, without real-world experience, you may want to work with someone who’s done this a few times.

Make no mistake… one inspection can ruin your business before it ever gets off the ground. Don’t think so? trust me… it can happen. Anything that you as a home inspector misses for the next four years, on any home you perform a home inspection on, is your responsibility in the state of California.

Despite what you may have been told, you CANNOT reduce the clients claim against you to merely the “inspection fee”. That too is the law.

So where will you get the knowledge that you need to perform this job and protect your clients as well as market yourself to the real estate agents as a true professional.┬áMake no mistake, Real Estate Agents and you clients can spot a new inspector a mile away. Do not look like a newbie… the inspection coach offers ride along home inspection training throughout the greater los Angeles area.

Protect your buyer…protect yourself with training

Your primary job is to protect your new buyer. How will you know exactly how to do this without knowing the complete process? The inspection coach offers home inspection training in Los Angeles and throughout the greater los Angeles area to those who are interested in understanding the principals of protection. Your client, the home buyers rely on you to guide and protect them from making a poor decision. If you don’t know what to look for then you will not know what to call-out as defective, damaged or incorrect. There are multiple thousands of components within any given house which you must master. Not knowing the basics of this business can place your client in a position where they might make a purchase in which they will ultimately regret. This in turn places a great deal of liability square on the shoulders of the home inspector.

Home Inspection training and ride along Training in Los Angeles

If you are interested in a career in the Home Inspector industry, why not learn from an individual who has successfully completed well over 15,000 inspections? Go ahead... throw your flyers, newsletters and brochures in the trash because they area waste of your time and money. Want to know what really works? Learn to say what your target audience wants to hear? You might think you know...but if you're new, chances are pretty good you don't.

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